Belitec Electric Hideaway Bed Action

Belitec Electrice Hideaway Bed Action
Rear of Belitec Electrice Hideaway Bed Action

The Belitec is a unique award winning space saving bed which has been in our range since 2006 and is manufactured in Germany by our partner Hartmann Asytec. We supply the action to trade companies in the UK, the bed can be easily fitted to your cabinet and is available in several widths.



Operated my a remote hand set, when closed the bed sits in the base of the cabinet and the

mattress sits in the rear of the cabinet, then at the touch of a button it gently opens up to create a bed, then in reverse retracts back into the cabinet. It is unique as the front of the cabinet can be still be used for whatever purpose as opposed to pull down wall beds that have a full height blank wood  facia.



The beds are supplied with full drawings for the manufacture of your cabinet – full easy to follow

instructions for the fitting of the various components of the bed system and a high quality foam




The Belitec Bed is ideal for use in:


  • Spare Room
  • Studio Apartment
  • Home Office
  • Granny Flat
  • Student Accommodation
  • Flat
  • Loft Conversions
  • Holiday Homes
  • Nursing Home
  • Hospitals
  • And many more places where space is limited…


The bed is available in widths of:


  • 80Cms
  • 90Cms
  • 100Cms
  • 120Cms
  • 140Cms
  • 150Cms



 Belitec Components


  • Drive Actuators
  • Plastic Chains
  • Spacer Rods
  • Plastic Cam Guides
  • Wagon Sledge System
  • Slatted Bed Top
  • Mattress
  • Controller Box
  • Infra red hand Control
  • Infra red receiver box
  • Draw fittings
  • Decorative banner



Belitec remote
Belitec Mattress

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Belitec remote
Belitec Mattress
Belitec Electrice Hideaway Bed Action
Rear of Belitec Electrice Hideaway Bed Action
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