Every customer has different preferences. Barry Emons has a very extensive range of mattresses. These can all be custom made.


Care mattresses


Our care mattresses are carefully selected and assembled, the standard thickness is 14 cm. Of course, other thicknesses are available. The mattresses are also available in different sizes.




Basic Care Mattress HRC


We only use high-quality materials for our mattresses. Our basic mattress is made of supportive and pressure-relieving HRC foam. HRC stands for High Resilience Climate, which is the successor to the traditional HR foam. Our HRC foam is 40 percent more stable than conventional types of foam. Both the foam and the incontinence cover that comes standard meet fire-safety standards. A velour cover is also optional.









Luxury Combicare Mattress HRC/Viscopore


This mattress is made from a combination of foam and Viscopore HRC. The quality of the foam is the same as the Basic Care Mattress HRC. Viscopore's structure can cope with very heavy loads over extended periods of time. The openness of the cell structure is maintained during production because no oil impregnation is applied. The mattress can also be used for the prevention of pressure ulcers up to category 2. It comes standard with a bi-elastic incontinence cover or with a velour cover.









Anti-decubitus mattress HRC/Viscopore


The DeQpress mattress is the most advanced pressure-relief mattress currently on the health care market. Due to the manufacturing method of the visco-elastic top sheet, the mattress has a better ventilation capacity, which reduces heat buildup. The DeQpress mattress can be used as an excellent way to prevent pressure ulcers and it is even curative up to a 2nd degree. Unlike oil-impregnated "memory foam" the visco-elastic polyurethane foam has an open cell structure, making it stronger, a better moisture and air regulator, and more hygienic. The bottom layer of the DeQpress mattress consists of an 8-cm-thick Evopore layer with unique properties. It is available with a bi-elastic incontinence cover (standard) or a velour cover.






Waterbeds keep the body more active than regular mattresses. This can have many benefits for bedsores but also for bowel movements. It also has a relaxing effect and the heater makes it very comfortable.




Waterbed Dublin


The Dublin waterbed fits most Barry Emons beds. It is a non-stabilized waterbed that is 10 cm thick. The Dublin is warm and provides reassurance and relaxation. The Dublin waterbed is really meant for sleeping; for snoezelen (multi-sensory stimulation) we use thicker waterbeds.




Waterbed Caribbean


This is a certified anti-pressure ulcer waterbed. It is half-stabilized per section. This is achieved with the use of a gel that forms itself perfectly around the body, but is also stable enough to retain its shape when used on a two-piece slatted base. Therefore, even when you are lying on it with the back inclined, the Caribbean acts as a waterbed. The Caribbean is available in 90 x 200 cm and comes with a comfortable cover..


Coated mattresses


Memory foam mattress with 2mm coating

These mattresses are impervious to moisture and therefore ideal for challenging situations in terms of hygiene. We use the 10-cm-thick variant in the PureFit bed. It comes standard with PU SG40 foam. A firmer or softer foam is also a possibility. The second standard mattress is 14 cm thick. It also fits all the beds.


Coated mattress with memory foam with 2 mm coating

Barry Emons has also developed a coated mattress with memory foam. Memory foam is often used because it retains its shape. This mattress is heavier and more stable than ordinary coated mattress. The coated mattresses can be ordered in a variety of thicknesses and sizes.


Folding mattress

For the MobiFit a three-piece folding mattress was devised. It is easy to bring along in the car. The mattress has a cellflex cover and a matching bag. The total size is 90 x 200 cm. The thickness of the mattress is 10 cm.

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